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John Deri, MD

Dr. Deri, a psychiatrist in Mill Valley, CA has been in private practice since 1987. His extensive training in psychiatry, psychodynamic psychology, leadership and life coaching allows him to provide comprehensive assessment and treatment of the full range of human experience, including life's challenges.

Human experience is shaped within multiple domains: biological, psychological, social and spiritual. Our genetics and life experience powerfully influence the structure and function of the human brain. Psychological traits and processes play a central role in determining how we perceive ourselves and others. Social life is an essential ground of nurturance and support. Spirituality connects us to an invisible reality within which we can find solace, support and meaning.

An overarching theme in Dr. Deri's approach to his work is his belief that we are meant to live lives centered in wholeness, emotional well-being, personal power and purpose. His integral approach fosters healing, growth and transformation with the goal of helping others to reach their full potential.

Dr. Deri offers diagnostic assessment, psychotherapy and life coaching for a wide range of client concerns. He skillfully considers the use of medication when someone's symptoms are interfering with his or her capacity to cope with daily life. The treatment approach is tailored to the individual with regard to style, substance and duration.

In his practice, Dr. Deri has extensive experience in treating people suffering from anxiety, depression and the effects of trauma. Goals in this work include the reduction of symptoms, the relief of suffering and the return to wholeness, experienced as physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual health.

In addition to the practice of integral psychiatry, Dr. Deri has specialized training in working with high performance individuals. Such people include athletes, corporate executives, financiers and entrepreneurs, as well as leaders from other walks of life. Goals in this work include performance enhancement, overcoming adversity and performance inhibitions, as well as improving relational skills.

Dr. Deri invokes a spirit of compassion and understanding throughout his practice.

John Deri, M.D.
10 Millwood Street #4, Mill Valley, CA 94941
(415) 388-8417